Studio flash Quadralite Move

Quadralite Moves series stands out for its modern design. They can be used both by professionals and amateurs. However thanks to its convenient and user-friendly design they will fit the needs of beginners and work best in any home studio.

Studio flash Quadralite  Pulse

Pulse series includes 300, 600, 800 and 1200Ws studio lamps with flash power regulation (5.0 – 8.0 accurate to 1.6EV), dedicated for semi-professionals and professionals. Pilot light saturation (based on halogen 150W bulb) can be adjusted smoothly and independently. It can be triggered and controlled wirelessly thanks to additional Quadralite Navigator device.

Quadralite Pulse Pro X

Quadralite Pulse Pro X Flash with maximum output of 400 and 600Ws and 7 f-stop power range (adjustable in 1/10th-stop) is design to be the perfect tool for every studio photographer. Thanks to its modern design, Pulse Pro X features extremely short flash duration time of 1/28984s (t0.1 at the minimum power in Speed mode) and lighting fast recharging.

Quadralite Pulse X 600

Quadralite Pulse X flash is a professional grade daylight balanced studio monolight. This unit features short recycle times (less than 1.5s at full power) with short flash duration times (1/2000s, t0.1 @1/32). Power output can be accurately adjusted from full power down to 1/32 in 50 steps. 150W halogen modeling light can be used in proportional or manual mode.

Quadralite Move X 400

Quadralite Move X is a small, compact and light – but above all – easy to use and reliable. This strobe offers every beginner an easy way to learn studio photography and it's basic techniques without high expenses. However Move X will be an efficient tool in hands of professionals. Thanks to compact housing it’s easy to carry around and hassle-free in storage. Integrated Navigator X wireless system make’s it even more useful both in studio or on-location.

Studio flash Quadralite  UP!Quadralite Up! is a light and handy studio flash designed mainly for photography enthusiasts willing to embark on a new adventure in studio photography. They will also come in handy for professionals using more advanced studio equipment.

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