Quadralite Service Center

F-Service, located in Krakow, Poland is the only service center authorized to carry out repairs and servicing of Quadralite equipment. It is responsible for performing a full range of warranty and post-warranty repairs. Repair request can be made through the reseller or directly to F-Service.

All necessary information about the repair costs and it's timeframe can be found below.

Warranty repairs

The basis for the warranty claim is a proof of purchase of the product in form of a receipt or an invoice issued in one of the European countries. If the Customer do not provide a relevant document, F-Service is entitled to charge a fee for the work time and parts necessary to perform the repair.

Duration of service

Within 10 working days from the claim's start, F-Service will carry out an assessment of the equipment failure and inform the Customer about the repair's status. Warranty claim processing and necessary repairs may take up to 30 days in total. F-Service will make every effort to ensure that all of the diagnosed equipment failures  are going to be removed as soon as possible.

Rejection of a warranty claim

F-Service has the right to decide if the reported equipment failure is covered by the limited warranty. In the case of a warranty claim rejection, the Customer will receive a cost evaluation of a non-warranty repair.

Repair Options

At any time, the Customer can report the defect which is not covered by the limited warranty and ask for a repair. In such case, malfunctioning equipment must be sent to F-Service for inspection. F-Service will carry out an assessment of the equipment failure and inform the Customer about the estimated cost and time of the repair.

Shipping costs

All costs of shipping of the equipment to F-Service should be covered by the Customer. Return package will be sent by F-Service free of charge. 

Customer is charged with all shipping costs of equipment that requires repairs that are not covered by the limited warranty.


The fee amount and the payment method for the repair is individually determined each time and the Customer is informed of them if the question arise.



Plk. Dabka 17

30-732 Krakow


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

tel. +48 12 270 12 81

Service center is open monday to friday, from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Safety instructions

To avoid the device damage and also threat to health of its users it is an obligation to read thoroughly the manual instruction and absolutely obey the rules included.

  • Do not disassemble and modify the device! The flash is high voltage device. Even after disconnecting the device from power source and turning it off, inside its internal components still occurs high-voltage current. Disassembling of the cover can be performed only be the authorized Quadralite service. Ignoring above-mentioned safety instructions could result in serious electric shock or the device damage. Modifications of the device at one’s own or by unauthorized service results in warranty void.
  • If the cover is damaged, eg. in consequences of falling, it is advised to send the device to authorized service center for inspection and repair (if necessary).
  • Keep it dry! Do not use the device with wet hands, do not immerse in water, do not expose to snow or rain. Ignoring above mentioned safety instructions could result with electric shock, short circuit of fire.
  • Flash is designed to work in temperature from 10 to 40 Celsius degrees. Exceeding this scope could result in incorrect functioning of the device or could lead to overheat and damage.
  • Do not expose the device on high temperatures! Leaving the device without proper protection for example left in a closed car in direct sunlight or close to high temperature sources could result in fire, damage of the cover or internal components.
  • The device must not be used in high dustiness conditions and when there is a risk of contact with flammable liquids and vapors. Disobeying given advice results in the device damage or fire.
  • Flash is designated to function and to be stored in dry and well ventilated closed spaces.
  • After 30 subsequent flashes with full power, it is advised to make a 3 minute break to cool down flash bulb and lamp internal components. Disobeying given advice results in overheating the device.
  • Long-term usage of modeling light may cause combustion of attached accessories, eg. the softbox. It is advised to make 1 minute break to cool down the flash bulb and internal components for every 10 minutes of functioning modeling light.
  • Do not attach filters, diffusers or any other accessories directly on the flash head, modeling light bulb or nearby because it could cause a fire.
  • Using accessories like snoot, it is advised to limit the usage of modeling light and limit the flashes (below 6 flashes per minute). Overheating could result in the zoom head of the flash or modeling illumination damage.
  • Do not touch the reflector while using the modeling illumination or flashing. Emitted heat could cause burning.
  • Touching output terminal of the zoom head of the flash could result in high-voltage electric shock! Replacement of the zoom head of the flash may be done only after self-discharge of the flash. It is necessary to wait minimum 24hours since the last usage of the flash before the procedure of replacement. It is advised to use insulated gloves. Disobeying given advice could result in the device damage or electric shock.
  • Avoid applying forces which may damage the zoom head of the flash or modeling illumination bulb. Sudden impact could lead to the zoom head or/and light bulb damage.
  • Do not trigger the flash directly on unprotected eyes. Disobeying given advice could result in sight injury.
  • Keep out of the reach of children! The flash contains small parts which may pose the risk of suffocation. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately.

The manufacturer does not take responsibility for any damage or injury which may occur while using inconsistently to the given manual instruction.

Warranty and Maintenance

  • If the device's casing is damaged, for instance as a result of a fall, you are advised to immediately stop using the device and send it back to Quadralite servicing point, where the device will be examined and possibly fixed.
  • The manufacturer gives 2-year warranty for the device. You can find more information regarding warranty on Quadralite website.
  • Any modifications to the device are unacceptable and result in the immediate loss of the warranty.
  • All mechanical damages and damages resulting from improper use of the device are not covered by the warranty.
  • Device modifications made by the user or unauthorized technical service are unacceptable and result in the loss of all warranty claims.
  • Use a dry paintbrush to clean the device, and in the case of more stubborn marks try to use a slightly damp cloth. The device cannot be immersed in water, while its surface should not be cleaned with detergents. Only surface cleaning is allowed.
  • Before cleaning the device turn it off and disconnect the batteries. Cleaning the flash cover may only be performed after turning off, disconnecting from power supply and compete discharging. It is required to wait minimum 24 hours since the last usage of the flash before cleaning.
  • The manufacturer is not liable for any damages resulting from improper operation of the equipment, therefore you should only use the device in compliance with this user manual.
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to change the product without prior notice.


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