quadrlaite verso 200 cf stand

Verso 200 CF is the first carbon fiber tripod that goes into the Quadralite range. It complements the family of aluminum based Air tripods characterized by their classic design, and which are often too large and too bulky. Verso 200 CF is a perfect tool for those photographers who often work outdoors, on-location and use small, portable strobes. Verso 200 CF will be the perfect stand for Quadralite Stroboss and Reporter flashes.

quadrlaite air275 studio stand

Air 275 is a heavy duty light stand equipped with air-cushioned central column. Thanks to its all-metal construction it can handle heavy loads and can be used to support studio flashes with large light modifiers.

Quadralite boom multi Quadralite Boom Multi is a perfect combination of Quadralite Boom S and AIR 395 studio stands. This tripod instead of air shock-absorption system has convertible boom arm which allows to use it as normal light stand or as a boom stand.

Quadralite boom s studio standProfessional boom type studio stand. Stable work is ensured by the lifting capacity up to 4,5 kg and counterbalance of 4 kg. Tripod’s arm may be adjusted at any angle which facilitates light setting.

Quadralite boom l studio standProfessional boom stand with max height of 320 cm and load capacity 5 kg. Boom is must have tool for every situation when object has to be lighted from above. Its high load capacity allows to use heavy studio flashes with big light modifiers such as big beauty dishes, big softboxes and octa softboxes. Boom arm can be set at any given angle, it makes light operating very easy and convenient. Stand has universal mount for studio flashes, flash bulbs and any other studio equipment. Stand has lockable wheels to help moving stand from place to place.

Quadralite 20 studio standQuadralite Stand 20 can be used as a basis for background illumination lamps or as an underside of a light table. The tripod is wheeled to facilitate the precise lamps arrangement, and its minimum height is only 20cm

Quadralite statyw 200cmQuadralite 200 studio stand is a light and handy tripod for small studio flashes and speedlites. Because of its compact size and weight it's a useful tool in studio and on location.

Quadralite AIT395 studio stand with air shock-absorberQuadralite AIR 395 is a professional studio tripod with a max height of 395cm. Thanks to its design AIR 395 is especially recommended for large light modifiers and high power studio flashes.

Quadralite air260cm studio standQuadralite AIR 260 is a professional studio tripod. Made of aluminium and equipped with air shock-absorption system. It improves comfort of work. Smooth level adjustment is a big advantage for every photographer.


A mini tripod from Quadralite for speedlites, small lamps and compact cameras.

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