quantuum christmas 2016 800x800av

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas. May this joyful season greet you with health and happiness. Wishing you the best during this joyful season. I hope your holidays are filled with festivities and plenty of merry enjoyment. May your family feel the love, peace, and joy that come with the spirit of Christmas.

The sole distributor of Quadralite products - Skyline Group - announces the market release of new flashes fitted with TTL automatic system – Atlas 600 TTL, Reporter 360 TTL, Strobos 60 – and the Navigator X radio controller.

Quadralite Reporter 180

We constantly develop our products to deliver new solutions, which are well received and are in high demand among our clients. Our plans for the nearest future include even stronger development. This is why we have decided to unite Quantuum brand with the family of Reporter and Stroboss flashes (which have been associated with Genesis brand) and create one, new and big brand – Quadralite. In the upcoming time we shall also release a wide range of new models of lamps and accessories, including flashes, both studio and portable flashes, with TTL flash metering and wireless control system.

quantuum christmas 2016 800x800av

Święta Bożego Narodzenia już za pasem a Nowy Rok zbliża się wielkimi krokami i z tej okazji chcemy wszystkim złożyć życzenia spokojnych, rodzinnych i miłych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia oraz szczęśliwego Nowego Roku.

Quantuum promocja zima 2015 a

Next77 company, the sole Quantuum brand distributor in Poland, announces Christmas Discounts on Quantuum Lamps .

Quantuum VideoLED 600 avat PLWe are pleased to announce a new continuous light lamp for photography and video - Quantuum VideoLED 600.

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