The Quadralite portrait photography contest, launched on February 1st is a great opportunity not only to show off your skills, but also to learn something new. Our Ambassador Arcadius Mauritz, will not only be the chairman of the competition Jury. The first prize is an individual portfolio tutorship with one of the best portrait photographers in our country, the Jugde himself, Arcadius Mauritz.



The winners will be selected by a Jury, composed of platform representative and Quadralite Brand Manager. The editorial board covers the contest with its media patronage and the winners' photos will be published on its pages.


To take part in the Quadralite Portrait Contest, photos tagged with #QuadralitePortraitContest hashtag should be published on Instagram platform.

The publication must take place during the competition, ie between the 1st and the 14th of February of this year, while the announcement of the results will take place on February 25.


Regulations of the competition can be found on Organizer website.




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