Quadralite softbox is an extremely universal large-surface light-dispersing softbox designed for both product and portrait photography.

Quadralite Flex Softbox

Quadralite Flex softbox can be folded and unfolded in no time at all. This light modifier will come in handy for people who tend to change their work environment quite often and who usually shoot under time pressure.

Quadralite Space white parabolic umbrella-20a

Quadralite Space White Parabolic Umbrella provides milk-white light reflecting surface and unique construction. This is a very useful light modifier that combines qualities of standard umbrellas and large softboxes, and is very helpful during portrait shoots where smooth, strongly dispersed, and soft light is required.

Quantuum Space silver parabolic umbrella-10a

Quadralite Space Silver Parabolic Umbrella provides large light reflecting surface and unique construction. It serves as a very useful light modifier that combines advantages of standard umbrellas and large reflectors. It is easily transportable, unfolds rapidly, and produces the contrasting light that is perfect for portrait shots.

Quadralite Umbrella Softbox

Quadralite Umbrella Softbox is a transparent umbrella which combines the qualities of a closed softbox with quick mounting system typical of standard umbrellas.

Quantuum transparent umbrella 01

Quadralite Transparent Umbrella is made of high quality white transparent fabric which ensure an even distribution of soft and smooth light on the subject.

White Umbrella

White Umbrella soften, diminish and braden light output from any flash-light source. Umbrellas with white interior will soften light and weaken it more than silver umbrellas. Quadralite umbrellas are light, easy to assemble to the lamp and convenient in transport. It is perfect solution for on-location photographers, who demand small and convenient light modifier.

Quantuum silver umbrella 07

Quadralite Silver Umbrella is a simple and very useful and easy to use light modifier. It can be mount to every Quadralite flash. Made of high quality fabric and coated with highly reflective silver finish which ensure an even light distribution and a correct color temperature. Quadralite Silver Umbrella gives slightly contrasty light with a defined shadow/highlight edge.

Quantuum gold umbrella 05

Quadralite Gold Umbrella gives a warm, slightly contrasty light with a defined shadow/highlight edge. The umbrella is lightweight, quick to install and easy to carry.

Quadralite blenda 08

Quadralite Gold/Silver Reflector combines two reflecting screens useful especially in low contrast and low light situations or where a strong light is needed. The gold screen casts a strong and contrasty warm light onto the subject therefore it will be useful to mimic the golden hour look on the pictures. Silver fabric also gives contrast light but without the warm glow and can be used in almost every situation.

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