Quadralite Beauty Dish The Quadralite Bauty Dish has the uniqe shape of a parabolic reflector with a central light diffuser. It is especially recommended for fashion, glamour and beauty photo shoot.

Wave Beauty Dish

Wave is a modifier that gives a very vivid, contrasting light while subtly filling the shadows. Unlike the standard beauty dish, the Wave is more delicate but has all the features of this type of light modifier. It delivers directional, crisp and contrast light ideal for any kind of fashion, beauty or even portrait shoots.

Quantuum Reflector 45cm 03

Quadralite Reflector 45cm is a parabolic shape reflector with the light spread of approx. 60º

Quantuum Reflector 18cm 01

Quadralite Reflector 18 cm is a standard light modifier with a wide light spread of approx. 75º which produces a strong and contrasty light. Reflector can be used together with umbrellas, barn-doors and grids.

quantuum background reflector

Thanks to its specially designed shape background reflector allows to illuminate background without afecting foreground. It has standard mount type Bowens, it fits on every Quadralite lamp and every lamp with Bowens fit. White inside of the reflector guarantee corect distribution of the light. Background reflector has additional clips for color filters.

Photo Box 2x2.5 1

Quadralite Photo Box 2x2.5m is the largest softbox in the Quadralite range. It comes with an aluminium rack consisting of the two welded frames. The rack fitted with four wheels may be easily positioned and moved across the studio. High quality fabric of the diffuser ensures proper and even light distribution.

Quantuum Photo Box 1520 01

Quadralite Photo Box 150x200 is a relatively large-size softbox designed specifically for professional applications. Large diffuser surface generates exceptionally soft light. The tool is very useful in photo studios, where it can serve as the main source of light, a background or additional lighting.


Professional large studio softbox with dimensions of 100x200cm. Perfect for a portrait and fashion/glamour photo shoot. Column-alike shape ensures an even illumination of the whole figure from the toes to the tip of the head.

Quadralite Litebox 50x50cm 03

Quadralite Litebox 50x50cm is a light and small transportable softbox fitted with double diffuser and a holder for speedlites which allows to use light modifiers dedicated for studio flashes with the Bowens mount.

A quantuum softbox octa deep95 side

An octagonal softbox is generally used during portrait sessions as it adds a characteristic, really natural shiny reflection in the eye of a photo subject, and produces extremely soft and diffused lighting. Deep Octa Softbox features more deeply rooted lamp, thereby emiitting much more focused beam of light in comparison to the traditional octagonal softbox.

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