Honeycomb grid limits the light beam with only slight light loss. It is used when the center needs to be exposed, while the borders of the image require some shading. The device works both with softboxes and main light-source lamps as well as on counter and effect lamps depending on the desired effect. With Honeycomb Grids you can subtly highlight a subject, texture or color on the exposition and render romantic atmosphere of the scene.


Honeycomb Grids can be attached to rectangular or octagonal softboxes using Velcro band that is sewed in on the internal edge surrounding the light diffuser.


Honeycombs Grids are available both for octagonal and rectangular Quadralite softboxes.


Sizes of Quadralite Honeycomb Grid for softboxes:
Octagonal Honeycomb Grid: 80cm 95cm 120m 180cm  
Rectangle Honeycomb Grid: 60x60cm 40x80cm 30x120cm 80x120cm 40x180cm





  • Limits the propagation of light outside the exposition.
  • Ease of assembly and transportation.
  • Useful in both portrait and product sessions in the studio and outdoors.
  • Models available for Quadralite octagonal and rectangular softboxes.



Model: Honeycomb Grid for Softboxes
Diameter of Octagonal Honeycomb Grid: 80cm 95cm 120cm 180cm  
Can be used with: Quadralite Softbox Octa 80 Quadralite Softbox DeeoOcta 95 Quadralite Softbox Octa 120, Quadralite Softbox DeepOcta 120 Quadralite Softbox Octa 180  
Dimension of Rectangle Honeycomb Grid: 60x60 cm 40x80 cm 30x120 cm 80x120 cm 40x180 cm
Can be used with: Quadralite Softbox 60x60 cm Quadralite Softbox 40x80 cm Quadralite Softbox 30x120 cm Quadralite Softbox 80x120 cm Quadralite Softbox 40x180 cm
Depth: 30 mm
Density: 6x6 cm



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