Reflectors are one of the simplest and most useful light modifiers. They are used both inside and outside the studio – and also outdoors. They’re useful not only for photographers but also for filmmakers, regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs. The Quadralite 5-in-1 reflector is an excellent tool for modeling light in all conditions, enclosed in one small cover. It has up to five light-modifying surfaces, which means it can be quickly and easily adapted to the needs of the user.

Thanks to the two handles, the reflector has a ergonomic grip, even in adverse conditions and during demanding outdoor sessions. The grooves adapted into the hand makes the grip comfortable and the actual handling stable. The handles also allow easier and faster fixing of the reflector not only to dedicated stands and clamps, but also on all everyday objects that allow you to hang the reflector.


The reflector has five different surfaces:

  • white (satin) - allows for diffused and very soft light, ideally suited to fill shadows, is neutral in color, and can be used as a background,
  • silver (mirror) - does not scatter the light like a white screen and allows for contrasting lighting; does not change the color temperature of the light, and it can be used as both a main light, as well as for creating lighting effects,
  • silver and gold - it is covered with a characteristic pattern of alternating gold and silver stripes; it gives a contrasting light with a warmer color than a silver screen, which makes it perfect for portrait photos, emphasizing the warm skintones. It is much more useful than ordinary gold screens,
  • diffusive - a white screen, transmitting soft and highly diffused light, it can be used to soften the light from a flash or sun, and does not change the color of the light passing through it,
  • black - reduces reflections and can act as a limiter to control the amount of light propagation. It can also work as a black background.





Product features:

  • available in one size 90x120cm,
  • offers 5 different surfaces, enabling various effects to be achieved,
  • equipped with two handles for easy operation during photo sessions.



Model Reflector 5w1 90x120cm
Product Type Light modifier
Weight 0.8kg
Dimensions 90x120cm



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