Pulse series includes 300, 600, 800 and 1200Ws studio lamps with flash power regulation (5.0 – 8.0 accurate to 1.6EV), dedicated for semi-professionals and professionals. Pilot light saturation (based on halogen 150W bulb) can be adjusted smoothly and independently. It can be triggered and controlled wirelessly thanks to additional Quadralite Navigator device.


Pulse series are lightweight and durable lamps, with an useful handle that makes operating and transporting easy. The handle works also well while mounting some extra heavy softboxes. What is more, position of handle can be adjusted to support a lamp with a softbox in their center of gravity.


Pulse 300


Pulse 600


Pulse 800


Pulse 1200






  • Solid full metal housing
  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Precise flash energy control from full power (1/1) to 1/32 in 30 steps
  • Fast recycling times from 0.3s – 1.2s
  • Short flash duration down to 1/2000 (t0.5)
  • High color stability between flashes over the entire power range (5600±200K)
  • 150W halogen modeling light with smooth output regulation
  • Wireless control and triggering via Quadralite Navigator radio system
  • accepts all Bowens type mount light modifiers




Model Pulse 300 Pulse 600 Pulse 800 Pulse 1200

Flash power

300Ws 600Ws 800Ws 1200Ws

Guide Number (ISO 100)

58m 76m 90m 110m

Flash color temperature

5600K +/-200K

Flash duration (t0.5)

1/2000s – 1/800s

Recycle time

0.3s – 1.2s

0.3s – 1.5s

Flash power control

OFF/5 EV 5.0-8.0 (1/32 – 1/1)

Modeling light

150W, E27 Halogen bulb

Modeling light control

smooth, free

Triggering Method

Sync cord, test button, slave triggering, wireless control port

Remote control

optional Quadralite Navigator

Power supply



5A 8A 10A


Diameter: 14cm
Length with lamp cover: 41cm
Height with handle: 26cm

Diameter: 14cm
Length with lamp cover: 51cm
Height with handle: 23cm


2.7kg 3.0kg 3.7kg 3.9kg



Quadralite Navigator

Quadralite 800 Powerpack

Light modifiers

quadralit navigator kit

quadralite 800 powerpack



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