Quadralite Reporter 360 TTL is a powerful & portable flash that is fully compatible with Canon E-TTL II/Nikon i-TTL* autoflash system. It is also equipped with a built-in receiver of the Navigator X wireless 2.4GHz radio triggering system. Therefore, it can be easily use in combination with speedlites, Quadralite studio flashes, and other. Thanks to use of TTL auto exposure metering mode shooting is simpler and faster. Correct flash exposure can be easily achieved even in complex light-changing situations and locations.

Quadralite Reporter 360 TTL is a sophisticated bare-bulb type flash unit with external power pack, wireless power control, and a range of dedicated light shaping accessories. It is 5 to 7 times powerful as typical speedlite flashes, with the size and weight alike. It offers studio quality light in a small package allowing outdoor and on location shooting. This is a perfect tool for action, fashion, portraits and still life photography.


Reporter 360 TTL


Quadralite Reporter TTL 360 C flash works best with Quadralite Navigator X radio transceiver which allows wireless control and triggering including High-Speed Sync and Multi modes**.


  • Compatible with Canon/Nikon* cameras with E-TTL II*/i-TTL* flash-metering systems (HSS, flash exposure compensation, flash bracketing, exposure lock, first and rear curtain flash sync, etc.)
  • Wireless flash control in MASTER and SLAVE modes
  • Built-in 2.4 GHz Quadralite Navigator X receiver for full wireless flash control
  • Built-in Quadralite Navigator socket
  • High max flash power of 360Ws/GN80 (100ISO)
  • Powered from 4500mAh Li-ion PowerPack 45 battery delivers up to 450 full power flashes and short recycle time (0.05 – 4.5s)
  • Fully controlled flash output in the manual mode (adjustment from 1/128 power to 1/1 full power in 1/3 EV stop increments)
  • Short flash duration 1/10638s (t0.1, at 1/128 of power)
  • Stable color temperature (5600K±200K)
  • It is not recommended to mount Reporter 360 TTL on the camera - camera hot shoe might be damaged. Reporter 360 TTL is to heavy.

* it is required to use a proper Quadralite Navigator X controller to ensure full compatibility with a given camera model. Detailed information has been provided in the flash manual.



Quadralite Reporter 360 TTL

Product type

TTL capable battery powered bare-bulb flash

Compatible systems

Nikon i-TTL* **

Canon EOS E-TTL II* **

Max flash power


Guide number

80m (ISO100, standard reflector, at full power)

Flash modes


Control range of flash energy

7 f-stops in 1/3 intervals

1/1 ~ 1/128 (360 ~ 1.5Ws)

Recycle time

0.05 ~ 4.5s

Color Temperature

5600K ± 200K

Flash Duration t0.1

1/220s at max power

1/10638s at min power

Max sync speed

1/8000s in HS mode**

Triggering Method

radio, slave, Jack 3.5mm socket, PC sync

Power supply

Quadralite PowerPack 45 battery

Battery Efficiency

approx. 450 full power flashes

Dimensions (incl. battery)

75x95x220mm (without reflector and flash tube)

Weight (incl. battery)

800g (without reflector and flash tube)


* depending on flash version. Please read user manual for more information.

** third party radio triggers will work only up to cameras x-sync speed, wireless output control and HSS is not supported. Detailed information has been provided in the flash manual.


Quadralite Navigator X

Softbox wielofunkcyjny


PowerPack clamp

Quadralite Reporter 180 blog img


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