Portrait photography contest was a great opportunity to show off your skills in the field which is considered as one of the most difficult in photography. Portrait photography requires a lot of commitment from both the photographer and the model. It is necessary to take care of the good lighting conditions, remember that the background cannot divert attention from our model, but it is also an integral part of the photo. You have to remember about the clothing and make-up, as well as skillfully edit the picture in the graphic program. „The portrait must have that "something" in it. Today everyone has an easy access to all of the equipment available on the market. Technically a good photo is extremely easy to make, it is more difficult to find something special” – says the editor-in-chief of Fotopolis.pl and Digital Camera Polska, one of the competition's Jurors.



The Jury looked at many factors that ultimately determined the final selection of the Winners. Composition and post-processing were important, but the most important were the idea and creativity. „The level of presented works was really good.. Pojawiła się niesamowita różnorodność. There were mostly digital-made photos, but also those made with vintage, analog cameras. The choice was not easy at all!” - says Arcadius Mauritz, photographer, chairman of the Jury. However, everyone managed to reach an agreement, and the result of negotiations are the winning works.



fot. Seweryn Kiedrowicz

1st place: Seweryn Kiedrowicz

Awarded for the classic approach to the topic, original model, gentleness, beautiful moment.


fot. Rafał Szymański

2nd place: Rafał Szymański

Awarded for technical perfectionism and that vintage look.


fot. Artur Frontczak

3rd place: Artur Frontczak



Let us remind you, what awards could be won in the #QuadralitePortraitContest:

  • 1st place is an individual, 2-hour portfolio consultations with photographer Arcadius Mauritz and a publication of a winning photo on Fotopolis.pl platform.
  • 2nd place is Quadralite Stroboss 36 speedlite flash and a publication of a winning photograph on Fotopolis.pl platform.
  • 3rd place is a publication of a winning photograph on Fotopolis.pl platform.


In addition to guaranteed prizes, each of the Winners will receive a yearly subscription of Digital Camera Polska photo magazine.

Thank you all for your submitted applications and engagement. We congratulate the Winners and wish them further successes.


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