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We are a company with international reach, which has been successfully operating in the photographic industry for 10 years. Quadralite offers a wide range of studio lamps and photography accessories. It also offers a wide range of products for people connected with the film industry. All products of the brand are designed with attention to the smallest details. The manufacturer pays a lot of attention to the fact that the equipment meets the highest technical requirements, while maintaining an attractive price and availability for a wide range of customers. The wide functionality and diversity of Quadralite products is something that distinguishes the brand. With Quadralite products, working in the studio or outdoors is simpler and more enjoyable.



The brand Ambassador tests equipment and issues opinions about the product and has an impact on the creation of new articles. However, the most important element in fulfilling the above function is the certainty of your views. You have to be an open person who is happy to talk to people and can share opinions with them. The brand Ambassador must be curious about the views of other people he talks to. So he is an open-minded person who, in creating his views, should be characterized by assertiveness and have the ability to think logically. Being an Ambassador is not just a role, you have to be involved with the brand every day.



• active photographic community, gathered around profiles on Social Media,

• photos that will reflect the character of our brand,

• frequent participation in events related to the photographic environment,

• reportages from outdoor trips and sessions in the studio,

• thematic articles and creating photographic news,

• participation in photo trips.



• the ability to create and present unique ideas in the world of professional photography,

• free rental of our products for a period agreed individually,

• promotion of the ambassador on each of our Social Media channels,

• participation in company events,

• media publications,

• a guarantee of the signature of each of the published photos by name and surname,

• the opportunity to join the affiliate program.



Send us an email to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., providing your personal data:

• name and surname,

• country of residence,

• telephone number for contact,

• URL to your profiles on Social Media (blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.),

• write a short story about yourself and about the work that you do.


Please be advised that we will contact only selected persons!

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