Celebrate 10th Anniversary

The journey with Quadralite began with passion. Photography has always been the point of interest and hobby of the people who created the foundations of the brand, searching for the highest quality equipment that was made to be used to follow their dreams. It led into development of only tested gear to the wide market for photographs in Poland and Europe. And it all started with one lamp*. Soon the range begun to widen for more accessories and at this moment the brand enjoys huge popularity all over the World and has over 300 items in its assortment.


*One of the very first lamps, with Quantuum logo.

 *One of the first lamps, with Quantuum logo.

Celebrate 10th Anniversary with Quadralite! As part of our Birthday, our best lamps are offered at special prices! We plan many other attractions, including competitions, national and international workshops and many promotional campaigns for Quadralite best equipment. Follow us on Facebook

Instagram and on our Website for more informations.


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