This year's Christmas promotion covers all Quantuum lamps, including flashes, constant light lamps and sets of lamps, which are currently available on our offer. We add gifts to all purchased product. The promotional discount starts at December 7th and lasts until the end of the year.



As a part of this promotion, a silver 91 cm silver umbrella is added as a gift to our lamps. It will come in handy for both seasoned photographers and ambitious colts who are planning to buy their first studio lamp. An umbrella is a large-surface light modifier, extremely easy to use and quick to assemble. It is an ideal solution for application in small home studios and in the open fields. To take advantage of the promotion, you need to order a lamp or a set of lamps from one of Quantuum resellers until December 31st 2015. There is no need for filling in any additional registration forms nor for sending any submissions. You only need to submit an order, and the gift will be added to each shipment with a purchased lamp or kit.


To take a look at the current list of Quantuum lighting equipment resellers, visit the website: map of resellers.


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