Quadralite Navigator X is a remote trigger and a controller for the following flashes: Atlas 600, Atlas 600 TTL, Reporter 360 TTL, Stroboss 36 and 60 or Pulse Pro X. Navigator X transmitter allows to operate through transmission groups and channels, ensuring stable and repetitive signal and high reaction speed.

Navigator X transmitter can be connected to all Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji X, Olympus 4/3 and Panasonic 4/3 brand cameras* equipped with ISO hot-shoe (control and triggering in the manual, TTL and stroboscopic mode); and through the PC sync cord (IN mode), it can be also connected to any camera equipped with such socket (triggering in the manual mode for the X-Sync time).


Transmitter on the upper side of the casing comes with a hot shoe and PC sync connection (OUT mode), which allows to connect any additional transmitter in order to trigger the flash at X-Sync time in the manual mode.

With the Jack 3.5 mm sync connection, the receiver can trigger any flashes equipped with the sync socket.

Navigator X transmitter is fitted with the AF illuminator*. It supports camera's auto-focus adjustment that can be compromised in poor lighting conditions.


  • Allows for the remote control and triggering of Quadralite Atlas 600 TTL, Atlas 600, Reporter 360 TTL, Stroboss 36 and 60 as well as Pulse Pro X flashes.
  • Allows for automatic or full manual control, including: power output adjustment, synchronization with high shutter speeds (up to 1/8000), flash light exposure correction etc.
  • Wireless transmission of 2.4 GHz - ensures stable work on longer distances both in a studio and in the open fields.
  • 32 communication channels and 5 groups - fast configuration, control over many lamps and their groups.
  • AF illumnator* helps to adjust focus in dark locations.

* depending on version



Quadralite Navigator X – Transmitter

Product type

Wireless control and triggering system for Quadralite flashes, speedlites and cameras.

Compatible with

Canon | Nikon | Sony (Multi-interface hot-shoe) | Fuji X | Olympus 4/3 | Panasonic 4/3

Can be used with

Quadralite Stroboss 36 and 60, Atlas 600, Atlas 600 TTL, Reporter 360 TTL, Pulse Pro X



Wireless modes




Transceiver input

2 x AA



Transceiver dimensions


Transceiver weight (with batteries)



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