Quadralite Light Shed Kit includes a basic sets of lamps and accessories designed for nearly shadow-free lighting. This kit is the best solution for those who need to obtain high-quality images for online stores with ease. The lamps generate constant light with the output of 25W (equiv. of ~250W halogen bulb) and stable color temperature of 5400K that corresponds to the daylight white balance setting. As a result the subjects feature accurately rendered colors.




With the continuous light source, you can precisely control the amount of light on the subjects as well as its direction and possible shadow pattern. Diameter of the reflectors is 26 cm. Kit is equipped with adjustable height tripods allowing to regulate the light position as required.

VideoLED 1000 lamp may be a splendid addition to a photographer's studio gear and can offer new video filming possibilities.



Kit comes with a high-quality, pop-open Quadralite shooting tent made with white diffusion fabric that provides extremely soft illumination. This is one of the most efficient method of shooting high quality photos for any online store. Tent can be folded into a supplied bag for easy storage and transportation. In addition, the kit includes 4 backgrounds (white, black, blue, red) to better highlight a photo subject and make the shooting display even more alluring.


  • perfect lighting solution for small photo studio,
  • exceptionally easy to use and portable,
  • equipped with two 25W LED Bulbs (equivalent to approx. 500W tungsten lamp),
  • stable color temperature of 5400K (±100K),
  • featured with two E27 light fixtures with umbrella holders, AC power cords and 26cm reflectors,
  • delivered with a set of two tripods: 2x 45cm stands,
  • high quality transparent 60x60cm shooting tent with a set of 4 backgrounds (white, black, blue, red) included.


Name: Quadralite LH-30 LED Light Shed Kit
Type: Continuous Light Studio Kit
Light source: LED
Power: 2x 25W
Color temperature: 5400K (±100K)
Lifetime: 50 000h
Beam angle: Approx. 110°
Dimmer: n/a
Accessory mount: Integrated umbrella holder
Cooling: passive (radiator) and active (silent fan)
Power Input: 200~240V 50Hz


Kit includes

  • 2x 25W LED bulbs,
  • 2x 26cm silver reflectors,
  • 2x light fixtures/umbrella holders with power cords,
  • 2x 45cm studio stands,
  • 60x60cm shooting tent with four backgrounds (white, black, blue, red).


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