Quadralite LED Light Bulb is a very simple yet effective light source based on light-emitting diode technology. Daylight balanced, rated for >25 000h hours of use and able to render accurate colors with a 92 CRI rating. This bulb can be used to light photo and video set as well with great results. It is an ideal light source for both novice and professional photographers and videographers.

This bulb is a flicker-free light equipped with frosted dome and has an E27screw base. It’s an equivalent of approx. 160W halogen light and produce 1600lm at one meter.


LED Light Bulb 20W


LED Light Bulb 40W




  • Ideal light source for both novice and professional photographers and videographers
  • Quality 20W LED light source (160 W halogen equivalent)
  • Color Rendering Index of ≥92
  • Daylight balanced 5500K ±100K
  • Beam angle of 180°
  • Flicker-free
  • Easy to use
  • Equipped with E27 base
  • Silent (passive cooling)



>Model LED Light Bulb 20W LED Light Bulb 40W
Product type LED Bulb
Max power 20W 40W
Luminous Flux 1600lm 3200lm
CRI >92
Color Temperature ~5500K±100K
Beam Angle Approx. 180°
Flickering No
Base E27
Wireless control N/A
Input AC170–240V ~50/60Hz
Cooling Passive
Lifespan ~25000h
Temperature range +10ºC to +40ºC
Dimensions 82x82x150mm 120x120x224mm
Weight 99g 219g



For information about Quadralite warranty and service please visit: Warranty.

If you have any questions about our product or warranty please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Because of the large housing size this bulb may not fit everywhere. Please check the maximum size of the bulb that can be used with your lighting fixture.
  • This is a non-dimmable bulb.

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